Get 100% PLR to 10 Ever-Green Niche Products!

Grab 100% Private Label Rights (PLR) to 10 Ever-Green Niche Products! (pets, weight loss, dieting, and more…)

If you want to create your own product but don’t want to deal with all the hassles, this is for you.

Right now, you can get your hands on 10 high-quality products in ever-green niches with full private label rights!

You can brand them as your own, edit in your links, insert affiliate recommendations, cross-promote with other products, use them as front-end offers to expand your sales funnel, plus so much more!

7 Ways To Turn PLR Into Cash! (what 99% won’t do…)

Ever feel like you’re spending more time IN your business rather than being on top of it?

Many beginners, even seasoned marketers, go through the same dilemma.

Instead of promoting their product, they’re busy creating it. Instead of getting traffic, they’re busy researching. Instead of making money, they’re busy creating content.

No one wants to spend all day doing tasks that don’t produce noticeable results. Your time is always better spent growing your business.

If you want to get more from your PLR products, then listen closely.
Here are 7 creative ways to maximize your earning potential and do what the majority won’t do!

Money Making Idea #1
– Got a bunch of PLR articles or email newsletters that you’ve never used? Sell the Follow Up Profits eBook, then upsell a package of ‘done for you’ newsletters and squeeze pages for $17-$47. You could take it one step further and offer a squeeze page and email sequence integration service for $97-$197 or more! Why install one squeeze page for one niche when you could install 10 or more and charge higher prices! Don’t forget you can even promote Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp, or any other autoresponder, and pick up more commissions!

Money Making Idea #2
– Sell ‘My First Pet Cat’ on ClickBank and offer 75% commission. Let the affiliates do the selling for you so you can build a list and generate passive profit. In your eBook and auto-responder sequence, you can affiliate and review Amazon equipment to help your customers make other purchase decisions such as automated food dispensers, cat toys, even pet insurance, and more.

Money Making Idea #3
– Do Want to start a low-cost, high-value membership? Strip the contents from ‘ClickBank Sales Machine’ and turn it into a paid newsletter or as part of a membership.
Deliver 1 chapter per week to keep your members happy for a month. Mix and match with ‘Simple ClickBank Blogging’ and ‘Get Me Traffic Now’ to provide content for several months! Got more PLR eBooks? Organize all your content in a logical order, and you’ll easily create a 52-week automated membership that you will never have to update! Get the content re-formatted into video articles and downloadable audio to improve your stick rate!

Money Making Idea #4
– Rename your products to attract specific sub-niches? Attract a new audience by offering ‘Simple ClickBank Blogging’ as your front-end product. Now you can re-market your existing products with a quick title alternation.
Selling an SEO course? Rename it to ‘SEO Made Easy For Bloggers’ or ‘Link Building For Bloggers.’
Selling a mindset course? Rename it to ‘7 Skills Every Blogger Needs To Succeed Online’.

Money Making Idea #5
– Do Want to enter the weight loss niche with a bang?
Break down the chapters of ‘Weight Loss For Your Body Type’ into several mini-articles. Create PowerPoint slides from them, add some stock photos, hire a voice-over to read, and record Fiverr’s slides. Then have them compile the audio and video, and you have your own unique video ready to submit to YouTube for free traffic or as a sales video. You could convert the entire product into a video course and offer it as an up-sell or even increase the front-end price for more profit!

Money Making Idea #6
– Create a ‘preview’ version of each eBook by removing 50%-75% of the content. At the beginning and end of the product, add a text link to your sales letter where they can buy the full version of the product. If you cut your ‘preview’ product right in the middle of an important topic, then your reader will definitely want to grab the full product without hesitation. Even if your preview eBook was left on their desktop and they read it a year later, the link to your website will still be there, and you’ll still make the sale!

Money Making Idea #7
– Bundle similar topics together to increase your offer value. Sell Weight Loss For Your Body Type, ‘The Raw Food Diet,’ and ‘Supplements Facts And Myths’ as one offer. If you sold 1 product for $9.95, you could easily offer all 3 for $19.95. This allows your customer to spend more whilst saving more whilst you increase your profits.

There really are no limits with PLR.
Your creativity is your only limitation. Even if you took just one of the ideas from this list and fleshed it out, you could easily create a new income source.

Make sure you check out this PLR release below before the offer is taken down…

If you want to secure them at the best price, then now’s the time to take action.

Here’s a quick reminder of what you’re getting…

* 10 private label products in the most popular niches, including health, diets, internet marketing, and more.

With each package, you get:

* A professionally written eBook with information people are actively looking for.

* A keyword researched report to help you fine-tune your target market.

* A set of quality articles to re-purpose in any way you like.

* A set of ready-to-spin articles to maximize your backlinks with content submission.

* and professional cover graphics in both flat and 3D images to rebrand your product how you want.

* PLUS a swipe file of starter headlines, sub-headlines, bullet-points, and ad copy.

If you want to secure them at the best price, then now’s the time to take action.

FREE Download! 25-Step Firesale Plan (for cash on demand…)

A flash sale is a great way to generate a lot of sales and excitement in a concise period of time.

The best way to do this is to plan it several weeks out, bring in your marketing partners to promote the event and build anticipation among your prospects.

How do you do that?
By following this 25-point checklist.

1. Define a Goal
2. Pick An In-Demand Offer
3. Choose a Date
4. Decide on Your Sale Offer
5. Determine How Long It Will Run
6. Create Marketing Materials
7. Inform Existing Partners of the Upcoming Sale
8. Recruit And Inform New Marketing Partners
9. Take Care Of the Tech Aspects
10. Prepare Customer Service
11. Test and Track Sales Copy
12. Prepare Your Own Emails and Blog Posts
13. Create A Video
14. Prepare Facebook Ads
15. Purchase Ads on High-Traffic Niche Sites
16. Start a Buzz on Social Media
17. Inform Payment Processor
18. Set Up Backend Offers
19. Remind Partners Of Upcoming Sale
20. Send Out Emails To Your List
21. Email The Night Before
22. Upload The Offer Page
23. Test The Entire Sales Process
24. Send Out Sale Day Materials
25. Publish Last Chance Materials

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Don’t forget you can now get instant access to PLR content to brand them as your own, edit in your links, insert affiliate recommendations, cross-promote with other products, use them as front-end offers to widen your sales funnel, plus so much more!

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