How to add new members and make more money with GDI?

An honest review about creating an online business with GDI (Global Domains International). Join GDI, and inside you will see more opportunities to make money.
To make more money with GDI, you need to follow a few essential steps, as you will see below.

1. Tell everyone (colleagues, friends, and others) about the benefits of GDI. Ask them if they want to try it for free for 7 or 30 days.
Be as convincing as possible because, with GDI, no one will lose.
Only those who sign up and then do nothing for them will lose.

2. To keep them as informed as possible, direct them to these pages: page 1 (English), page 2 (Spanish), page 3 (German), page 4, page 5, page 6. These pages are readily created, and you can get them with a single click. Promote all these pages with your ID.
Or create other pages to provide more information like this or like this review, or add other help platforms.

3. After you receive their confirmation for GDI registration for a free 30-day trial, send me an email with their name, and I will add them to your team at the levels below you. Tell them to do the same, and I will add their recommendations to their team. And so on, so you will get new members up to your 5th level.
You will be able to see my email address in the middle of this page.

4. Create this page yourself to promote it or this page.

5. Promote all links to pages obtained from GDI, including the new page above. Advertise on all platforms and all social networking sites.

6. Sign up for all the platforms on this page, and you can advertise for free. Add your links on all these free platforms.

7. To earn more money with GDI, access GDI Premium if you have at least one or two members in your team. The benefits are much more significant, even if you will pay out of your pocket for the first time.
– You will earn $15 (not just $ 1) for each level 1 member.
– You will earn $5 from each member from levels 2 to 5.
– you will be able to offer a gift card to get new members who want to use GDI for free for 30 days (not just 7 days).
– and many more (see all in your GDI account).

8. To earn more with GDI, access the GDI Bonuses button and win $25, $100, $250, or more per week (see a demo video here).

9. If you do not have time to advertise for free on traffic exchange platforms, then you have two options: Get Your Own Website!
– you can advertise for free (hands-free) once every two weeks or a month using this site. This site will work for you.
– you can advertise paid (hands-free) for 1, 3, or 12 months using this platform.

10. Campaign by email. Write and save on your computer several emails to which you add your affiliate links and send them daily through the free traffic platforms above. How do you write good-quality emails? Get inspired by others from the emails you receive.
One site that has helped me a lot is MLGS. Through this site, I send emails daily. Even if for the first 4 months I paid out of my pocket, later, this expense was covered because others joined me.
For $ 1 a day, I received 100 leads per day (3000 per month), then 200 leads per day (6000 per month), without paying anything extra. Now after 14 months of use, I have over 70,000 leaders, and the number is growing daily. Moreover, I also receive money from this site. MLGS is my primary source for gaining followers, traffic, and money.

With GDI, as with any business, not just online, you don’t get money overnight. As in any business, you have to be patient, inform yourself correctly, be active every day to get traffic, and not give up even if you sometimes encounter difficulties.
The miracle will appear only for those who have a lot of patience, ambition, and perseverance.

I have applied all the above, and I recommend them to you. If you want to do the same, it is your decision which path to choose.

I come back and insist, advertising as much as possible to get a lot of traffic, leads, and a lot of money.

If you want to ask me something about all this, please send me an email, and I will answer you as soon as possible.

Come with me, and let’s go and make money with GDI, and you will not be disappointed.

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